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Rates and Packages

Kent Virtual Assistant offers several options to suit any business, my rates and packages are simple and easy to use. To find out more about my rates and packages please Contact Me.



Purchase a set amount of time every month to gain the biggest discounts Kent Virtual Assistant offers. All retainer packages are paid for in advance as this secures my time.
Charged at a rate of £35 an hour.
Retainers start from 5 hours a month.
Please get in touch to find out more about my retainer packages.



Purchase a set number of hours, the more hours the bigger the discount.
These hours have a life span of 3 months with no rollovers. Once the credit is gone, simple you just buy more.
Credits start from 2 hours ranging up to 20 hours, with rates dropping from £40 to £35.
Please get in touch to find out more about credits.



Pay as You Go hours depend on my availability and will be charged at a flat rate of £40 per hour.
There is a minimum charge of 2 hours per PAYG booking.
Please get in touch to find out more about PAYG.

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